So, What is the Montford Misfits Logo?

So, What is the Montford Misfits Logo?

So here’s a question...can you tell us what our logo is? No, really. Take a good look at it and give us your best guess.

Can we let you in on a little secret? We wanted a logo that was captivating and unique enough that it’d make people stop and think. Since we often find ourselves playing guess our logo with our customers, you could say we’ve accomplished just that!

Half Right

The guess we get most often is that it’s some kind of exclamation point. And really, we’ll give half credit for that answer because it’s a good guess! And it’s half right!  But the real story is even better.

Hold on, let’s back up

Okay, first there’s something you should know. The dudes behind Montford Misfits are some pretty badass snowboarders. (That gives you a pretty good logo clue, just sayin’.) In their free time (you know, when they’re not attending beer festivals, and it’s the right season), Brian and ÅJ can typically be found creatively cruising down a mountain.

See them in action! 

#TeezerReprise - "Still Waiting" from ArchitectJ on Vimeo.


So, what does snowboarding have to do with the logo?

Well, the two friends inadvertently stumbled into the inspiration for the logo on the slopes. 

The scene: Beech mountain.

ÅJ, who will admit he’s addicted to sick jumps, decided to attempt jumping over an enormous ball and nailed it. Luckily, Brian was following close behind with the GoPro and caught the footage.

After each trip, ÅJ edits all the clips together to create awesome videos like the one embedded in this post. Well, in the editing process, he locked in on the frame from his jump over the ball, and he and Brian agreed it looked pretty cool. This image gave them the idea for their logo, but it wasn’t until a few weeks later that they found the piece to complete the concept.

Fast forward a couple weeks and the friends, accompanied by their buddies Tommy and Xan, were back at Beech Mountain for a competition. They were given one hour to practice jumps and tricks, and those dudes practiced hard! So hard, in fact, that they competed horribly because they were totally worn out.  

It wasn’t a total loss, though, because the event had a professional photographer who snapped photos of the entire day, including the practice runs. So when the competition was over, someone mentioned that the photographer was going to post the images to the Beech Mountain website.

Well, the photographer ended up posting four images of each of the four guys. Among the photos was one image of ÅJ in the midst of a shifty. When the guys saw it, they knew it was the perfect image to compliment their original logo inspiration.

A Misfit on a Snowboard

If you take a good look at the logo now, you’ll see that it’s a man on a snowboard nailing a shifty over a giant ball. (We can practically hear your ooooooooh from here.)

And now that you know, you’ll never unsee it!

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Did you know that the Montford Misfits are a creative design team that specialize in craft beer maps and custom artwork? Grab a map for yourself today! (They make pretty sick gifts too, just sayin’.)